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Why Davenport Group?

We live in a digital world that demands efficiency and innovation from your workplace.  To make this modernization happen, you have countless IT solutions available to you.

So how do you pick the right one? 

At Davenport Group, we have the answer.

Through our partnership with Dell Technologies, we provide best-in-class hardware and software for your data needs.  But this vast technology portfolio would be nothing without our unparalleled customer service. Our talented team will walk with you every step of the way as we find the perfect solutions for your unique environment. We’ll make sure that the investments you make in technology bring you efficiency, simplicity, and success for years to come. 

5 Reasons We Should Be Your Data Companion

Who Are We?

We are a team of brilliant IT believers
charting the best course through the endless technology solutions on the market. We are competent and compassionate people that make navigating the transforming technology landscape easy.

We are Davenport Group, and we're here to help. Think of us as your personal guide to modernized infrastructure, unparalleled security, and reliable performance.

We are also: 

    • A Federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

    • A Dell EMC Certified Titanium Partner

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Your Data. Your Future.

Ready to see where Davenport Group can guide you?

We’re always ready to go.

We start by examining your current environment. We interview your key people and get their perspective on your long-term needs. Then we develop a strategy to phase in new technology while maximizing your existing infrastructure. 

Sound simple enough? Well, with Davenport Group, it is. 

3 Ways We Make the Magic Happen

(1) Teamwork.

We work hard to make sure that our sales people and engineers speak the same language.  Our teams collaborate and communicate from the very beginning to understand your needs, find solutions, and install technologies that will work best for you.

(2) Real-World Solutions.

Our gifted engineers grew up in data centers. They live and breathe the real-world of IT. This means they understand the very real challenges you face every day.  Our engineers keep you in mind as they find the right solutions that improve your performance and match your budget. 

(3) Rigorous Training.

Our engineers have dual certifications. They go through on-going Dell EMC Certification Training as well as Davenport Group’s advanced standards training. This guarantees that our engineers are always one step ahead of the evolving IT marketplace.


Our Valued Partners

We partner with the best 
to be the best. At Davenport Group, we love working with brilliant companies as they build the technology of the future.

Dell Technologies, the unequivocal leader in our industry, is our co-author in creating beautiful data solutions. Their storage and enterprise portfolio help you do more faster. Partner that with VMWare's finest virtualization solutions, and you have a powerful IT ecosystem built just for you.

Join Our Team!


Davenport Group is a Dell EMC Titanium Partner. We're serving companies, schools, and government organizations across the country. We’re working to solve big problems, but we're nowhere near finished. Our greatest accomplishments are still waiting for you to design. We've got a vision for where we’re heading and because we have a small team, you'll be contributing right away. You'll join talented professionals to deliver solutions that simplifies people's lives. Sounds pretty great, right?

If you want to put your skills to use on a team that adores you, check out our current openings and apply. Davenport Group is always seeking brilliant minds ready to improve the world of IT for our customers.

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