Step Three: Make it so.

"During the development and testing phases of deploying our new system I saved countless hours of re-installing and re-configuring (or backing up and restoring)."

Ed Parker
Database Administrator, Henderson County, North Carolina

It all comes down to this moment. Worry not. We’ve been here before—plenty of times.

First, we execute the implementation project plan with minimal disruption to your environment and your lives. To ensure the implementation functions as required, we then test the system thoroughly. All along the way, we deliver an environment known as Smart Install - not simple classroom training, or a quick once over. We actually share our knowledge with you and your team, so that you are comfortable using your new system while we are still there to coach you. We not only enlighten your staff but we keep supporting you long after we depart the physical realm of your world. 

Because they deserve to be as downright giddy as you are.