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Dell Compellent Storage Center 5.3 Data Progression with Exchange 2010
By Dell, November 2011

"Automated tiered storage from Dell Compellent, called Data Progression, is designed to optimize the use of storage in Exchange environments. Data Progression reduces the need for large numbers of high-performance, high-cost disks by moving frequently used data to higher performance tiers of storage while moving infrequently used data to lower cost, higher-density disks."

Deliver Dynamic Business Continuity for the Enterprise with Dell Compellent Live Volume
By Dell, October 2011

"IT organizations need a new business continuity solution to help eliminate downtime related to anticipated data center activity - one that complements existing hardware and software infrastructure and helps deliver the level of availability promised. The solution must not only provide on-demand capability, but built-in automation for virtualized data centers and the cloud. Dell Compellent Live Volume is designed to deliver dynamic business continuity, helping organizations keep applications online and data accessible during planned downtime."

Data Center Virtualization
By Dell, August 2011

"Server virtualization allows several applications to run independently on a single physical server, an important first step toward achieving a virtualized environment. But by combining server virtualization with storage virtualization, enterprises can achieve the full benefits of virtualization."

Functional IOPS in VDI with Dell Compellent
By Dell, July 2011

"Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) require several components to deliver efficient and reliable desktops to the end user. Capacity is part of the equation; the number of input/output operations per second (IOPS) must also be taken into consideration. Dell Compellent Data Progression technology adds value to a VDI environment by providing RAID 10 performance and space utilization comparable to RAID 5. Automatic data placement and thin provisioning increases the value of optimally placing data on different tiers of storage. This makes Dell Compellent a high performance, efficient solution for VDI environments."

Dell Technology Perspective: Intelligent Data Management, A Dell Point of View
By Dell, July 2011

"By focusing on implementing an IDM strategy with maximizing customer ROI in mind, Dell makes it possible for any organization - even those without deep pockets or armies of in house experts - to evolve towards fully leveraging the value of their data and its potential as a strategic and competitive asset."

Dell Intelligent Data Management: Applying the Efficient IT Approach to Enterprise Storage
By Dell, July 2011

"The Compellent Fluid DataStorage architecture was engineered from the ground up to optimize the efficiency of data storage and data flow across storage tiers. Thin provisioning capabilities help to optimize disk utilization, avoiding the need to pre-allocate capacity and helping IT groups avoid buying capacity before it is required. Compellent storage technology automatically allocates inactive data to lower cost storage, saving you up to 80 percent on storage costs."

Self-Service Provisioning and the Private Cloud: Using Microsoft Server Virtualization and Dell Compellent Storage Virtualization to Improve Delivery of Infrastructure as a Service
By Compellent, March 2011

"As much as organizations want to push computing resources out into the hands of the business units, the traditional approach to delivering computing resources does not lend itself to meeting the needs of either the business units or the IT department. To overcome these challenges, Microsoft and Dell Compellent offer virtualized private cloud solutions that enable an organization to respond quickly and cost-effectively to the needs of its constituents."

iSCSI VS. Fibre Channel SANS: Three Reasons NOT to Choose Sides
By Compellent, November 2010

"In the on-going war between storage technologies, Fibre Channel and iSCSI continue to battle it out. Fibre Channel provides low latency and high availability, making it the ideal storage platform for business-critical applications. But Fibre Channel can be expensive and complex to manage. With IP everywhere, iSCSI is easy to implement and manage and much more affordable than Fibre Channel. Adding to the complexity is the emergence of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and the introduction to 10 Gb iSCSI. So how do you choose?"

Advantages of Compellent's Automated Tiered Storage
By Compellent, October 2010

"With the recent profusion of tiered storage into the enterprise storage market, organizations are increasingly adopting tiering strategies to accommodate rapid data growth while controlling costs. Almost all major offerings leverage multiple typles of drives, with varying capacities and performance levels, and attempt to match data with the optimal drive type based on storage profiles. Typically, mission-critical data is stored on high-performane drives, while "less important" data is moved to high-capacity drives. Yet most of those solutions fail to maximize the potential benefits of tiered storage. Poor integration of tiering into the storage platform; a lack of granular, real-time system intelligence; labor-intensive, inefficient data movement schemes; and limited scalability keep many solutions from meeting real-world business needs."

7 Ways to Manage Rapid Patient Data Growth: How Healthcare Organizations Can Drive Storage Efficiency, Scale on Demand without Limits, and Ensure High Availability and Protection
By Compellent, July 2010

"The clinical data caregivers rely on for patient diagnosis is growing more rapidly than ever. However, many hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities lack the IT infrastructure to support it. The push from Washington to make electronic medical records (EMRs) a mainstay of the U.S. healthcare system is a major factor behind the patient data growth. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) stipulates that all patient records - including historical data - need to be in electronic format by 2014. Meeting that deadline will be difficult for many organizations. The $17 billion in stimulus funding will help, now that the government has defined "meaningful use" and will reimburse technology upgrades accordingly. But it won't solve the underlying problem - that many data centers in healthcare facilities are running out of the physical space to house all that data, never mind consuming mass quantities of energy for power and cooling."

Leveraging a Persistent Hardware Architecture: The Ability to Scale On Demand With a Single Storage Platform
By Compellent, June 2010

"Many enterprises looking to increase the flexibility, improve the scalability, enhance the availability and reduce the costs of data storage have turned to storage area networks (SANs). Yet traditional hardware vendors have failed to deliver on the promise of SANs. By relying on proprietary hardware designs, imposing restrictions on the types of technology that can be used and prohibiting customers from mixing and matching different drive and interconnect technologies, these vendors doom their products to early obsolescence and force their customers into costly forklift upgrades."

Increasing IT Efficiency Through Microsoft Server Virtualization and Compellent Storage Virtualization
By Microsoft, April 2010

"Server virtualization has become the cornerstone technology used to increase efficiencies and add dynamic capabilities to the datacenter. Complimented with storage virtualization, the efficiencies can be increased even more dramatically. Together, they are the key to a highly efficient and dynamic datacenter. This white paper provides a blueprint for a highly efficient and dynamic datacenter enabled by using Microsoft virtualization and the Compellent ® Storage CenterTM SAN solution."

7 Ways That Compellent Optimizes VMware Server Virtualization
By Compellent, March 2010

"Increasingly, enterprises are turning to server virtualization to enhance IT flexibility while reducing costs. Server virtualization solutions such as VMware Infrastructure software help to achieve those goals by abstracting applications from physical resources. With VMware, administrators can run multiple applications on the same physical machine. As a result, VMware helps increase resource utilization, accelerate the provisioning of new applications, simplify server management and improve disaster recovery."

Fluid Data Storage: Driving Flexibility in the Data Center: Eight Must Have Technologies for the IT Director
By Compellent, February 2010

"Today's dynamic business landscape is no place for complex, inefficient storage systems with dead-end growth paths. The generation of data continues to explode, and ready access to that data is more critical than ever. Yet most enterprise storage solutions fall short, underutilizing data center resources, wasting IT staff time and leaving organizations at risk of unnecessary downtime."

Fluid Data Storage: a How to Guide: Intelligent Storage Automation for IT Administrators
By Compellent, February 2010

"SANs are supposed to make things easier for the administrator, consolidating storage in one unit, and enabling easy provisioning of storage to any number of servers. All too often though, SANs are difficult to set up and configure, requiring a lot of effort to perform necessary tasks. With a Fluid Data architecture from Compellent, IT administrators can quickly and easily adapt storage to the needs of the data center, whether provisioning volumes for servers, setting up automated tiering without manual intervention to ensure that data uses the fastest available storage, or ensuring fault tolerance with snapshots or data replication."

Four Ways to Lower the Cost of Replication: How an Ultra-Efficient, Virtualized Storage Platform Brings Disaster Recovery within Reach for Any Organization
By Compellent, January 2010

"Within the last decade, replication technologies have come to play a major role in the data protection paradigm. At first, replication proceses required large, duplicate systems for off-site recovery, with a price tag that shut out all but the largest of enterprise customers. But more recent innovations have helped to dramatically cut costs and complexity, making disaster recover (DR) a viable solution for organizations of all sizes. Today, even small IT groups with limited resources can create a cost-effective plan for both near-line and off-site replication over heterogeneous storage platforms."

Designing a Persistent Hardware Architecture
By Compellent, May 2009

"Many enterprises looking to increase the flexibility, improve the scalability, enhance the availability and reduce the costs of data storage have turned to storage area networks (SANs). Yet traditional hardware vendors have failed to deliver on the promise of SANs. By relying on proprietary hardware designs, imposing restrictions on the types of technology that can be used and prohibiting customers from mixing and matching different drive and interconnect technologies, these vendors doom their products to early obsolescence and force their customers into costly forklift upgrades. In contrast, the Compellent® Storage CenterSAN is designed for persistence, not obsolescence. Using an open, nonproprietary hardware architecture, the Compellent SAN enables businesses to continuously integrate new disk drive, switch and network interface technologies without having to replace existing hardware or software. Enterprises can use any combination of Compellent’s persistent hardware architecture, which is designed for flexibility, scalability and availability."

Compellent - Harnessing SSD's Potential
By Mark Peters, ESG, May 2009

In the IT world, youd have to be living under a rock to avoid the onslaught of solid state storage news and announcements occurring over the last 12-18 months. It seems that every vendor has seen the potential and is queuing up to add solid state to its offerings. And, certainly, the operational and economic attractions of the technologies are significant. But, like most things in life and data centers, just because something shares a generic name and some attributes—a country, a haircut, a car—it does not mean that all versions or implementations of that thing are the same. This Brief focuses mainly on how Compellent is bringing SSD to its storage systems and will therefore include no more than a quick summary of why solid state is so compelling.

Seven Ways to Lower Storage TCO
By Compellent, January 2009

"Organizations of all types and sizes are under pressure to boost efficiency, radically cut costs and reduce power consumption. When measured by total cost of ownership (TCO), traditional data storage solutions are inefficient and expensive to maintain, manage, and expand. That makes these traditional storage paradigms increasingly harder to justify. Compellent Storage Center —a highly integrated, feature-rich data storage solution—was designed to lower data storage TCO. Compellent’s innovative storage platform helps organizations dramatically reduce both capital and operating expenses, while improving data availability and recovery. In fact, for every 10TB of storage capacity,  Compellent Storage Center can save as much as $1.2 million in costs."

Three Must Haves for the Virtual Data Center
By Compellent, January 2009

These must haves include: Automated Tiered Storage, Thin Provisioning, and Space-Efficient Snapshots and Boot from SAN.

Disaster Recovery in GIS
By Kelly Laughton, Davenport Group, September 2008

"Today enterprise geographic information systems (GIS) are mission-critical for the data
center. As more and more organizations implement spatially enabled applications it is
increasingly important that these applications remain up, running and available under all
circumstances. Spatially enabled applications are often the applications most needed in an
emergency. Consequently, GIS being down for any reason is not an option."

A Compelling Green Message
By Mark Peters, ESG, April 2008

"Any organization has to have a ‘mantra’—a crisp focus—in terms of the products and services it delivers. No one company can be everything to everyone. For IT vendors, examples of such focus are cost-per-gigabyte, ease of use, sheer scale, and so forth. A review of Compellent’s history and growth shows that its modus operandi has always been to optimize utilization. Even before green was the ‘term-du-jour,’ Compellent was setting out to enable users to ‘get more’ out of its offerings by driving improved disk system efficiencies. Of course, such improved disk efficiency means offering solutions that either require less physical disk to fulfill a particular need (whether capacity or performance), or that package varying disk types to achieve the best operational advantage. In either case, the end result is a product implementation that requires less actual hardware consumption—and therefore less consumption of power, cooling and floor space. It is—in the current vernacular—a green path. The important point is that the company was already on this path, as it’s chosen differentiation in the market; the fact that this is now a path that is called ‘green’ makes little difference other than, notably, telling us that the green story Compellent has is not one of convenient ‘green washing’ or riding the latest wave, but rather a story that is foundational to the company."

Virtual Disaster Recovery
By Kelly Laughton, Davenport Group, February 2008

"Today’s data center has evolved into a complex, inflexible IT environment that can be costly to manage and difficult to recover in the event of a disaster.  “Disaster” is a relative term and can mean anything from loss of an important file to loss of an entire site. A disaster can come in many forms, including but not limited to, operator error, malicious virus, hardware failure, or act of nature; and can result from system maintenance and planned downtime. The fact is, for one reason or another systems will go down, and for many organizations this can mean lost revenue and the inability to serve customers."

Data 393 Builds Bottom Line and Adds Client Offerings with Compellent SAN
By Compellent, 2007

"Compellent had the ideal combination of technical functionality, ease of management, and reliability for meeting our needs and our bottom line."
Steve Merkel - CIO, Data 393

Compellent's Storage Center Technical Specifications and Data Sheet
By Compellent, 2007

"Storage Center goes beyond the boundaries of traditional storage systems by combining modular standards-based hardware and intelligent, innovative software to manage your date differently." 

The 7 Deadly Sins of Backup and Recovery . . . And How to Avoid Them
By Unitrends, 2007

"This paper guides IT executives and system administrators in designing and implementing backup and disaster recovery systems that enable every organization to rapidly recover entire business systems including business data, server OS, applications, and user data in case of a system failure or disaster, without experiencing undue planning and management pains."

Compellent Server Instant Reply: A Complete Boot from SAN Solution
By Compellent, March 2007

"Compellent Server Instant Repay software works with the Compellent Storage Center storage are network (SAN) to provide a complete, integrated Boot from SAN solution that addresses the cost, complexity, and storage space requirements involved with managing boot images for numerous servers."

Compellent's Green Advantage: Extending the Life of Data Centers with an Energy-Efficient SAN
By Compellent, November 2007

"Compellent's feature-rich SAN produces tangible "green" results: Compellent believes companies using a combination of Storage Center's unique energy-saving features can cut power and cooling costs up to 93 percent when compared to traditional storage solutions."

Understanding How ILM is Evolving
By The InfoPro, Inc., 2006

"Compellent's Storage Center is the industry's ONLY SAN with Automated Tiered Storage, eliminating the manual data classification and manual movement of data between tiers associated with other ILM solutions." 

Data Instant Replay: Feature Brief
By Compellent, August 2006

"The Data Instant Replay feature of the Compellent Storage Center storage area network (SAN) creates space-efficient snapshots - copies of volumes, which Compellent calls Replays - to provide extremely fast recovery from any type of threat to data."

Analysis: Raising the SAN Value Proposition by Automating Tiered Data Migration
By Jack Fegreus, Ph.D. - Strategic Communications Inc., July 2006

"To create a SAN environment that can provide the level of automated storage management traditionally associated with an ILM package, Compellent radically restructured the way storage is virtualized."

Compellent Remote Instant Replay
By TANEJA Group Inc - Technology Analysts, 2006

"We believe that Compellent's combination of robust storage software, modularly scalable hardware, and technology independence at the protocol and disk level, all wrapped with a central management interface makes it a clear winner in the midrange storage array category today and in coming years." 

Thin Provisioning: Focus on Compellent Dynamic Capacity
By Tony Asaro, Senior Analyst - Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), October 2005

"ESG believes that one of the more important but often misunderstood advancements within data storage in thin provisioning. This report focuses in Dynamic Capacity, Compellent's implementation of thin provisioning."