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IT is much more than a quietly whirring data center.  You have questions and concerns and thoughts about all this technology, and you need real people with real answers. That’s why we provide comprehensive services for your technology ecosystem.

Give us a call and we’ll stop by to say hello to you and your data center. We’re happy to do a check-up, care for a sore spot, or train your people whenever you need it. Keep reading to see what services you might need today.

System Assessment and Health Check

Everyone should get regular check-ups. That goes for your data center too. At Davenport Group, we provide virtual and storage environment assessment services.  Our end-to-end system check makes sure that things like latency, storage capacity, memory usage, and compute are all within healthy standards.  Then we’ll show you what we’ve learned from your system.

Based on what we find, we’ll make recommendations on how to fix any sore spots. We’ll give suggestions on how to keep your technology infrastructure running smoothly as you scale your environment to meet your growing business needs.

Performance Analysis

Looking for a more specific system check? We also offer a VMWare performance analysis of your environment.  We’ll install VMWare tools that collect data for 30 days. 

Once the data collection ends, our staff will give you a report explaining everything about your virtual environment.  We’ll share all the data we collect in addition to providing you with suggestions for ways to improve your virtual IT ecosystem.  

System Design

Our team designs and builds individualized technology solutions every day. We’ll work with you and your team from day one to create an environment that meets your current needs while also giving you room to grow and innovate. 


Implementing a new environment can be stressful. At Davenport Group, we do everything we can to make transitioning to new technology smooth and stress-free. We hire the best engineers in the country to make sure that when you implement a new environment, you get exactly what you want. Our engineers stick to the plan, finish on time, and triple check that everything works as it should. We can help you virtualize your environment in a matter of days and weeks, not months and years. Our efficiency and thoroughness mean that you and your business stay on track as your IT ecosystem improves.

Our engineers also know that every data center is a little different. They’ve worked in hundreds of IT environments across the country, and they know that everyone needs something special. They’re always ready and willing to adjust to your needs, so you can rest easy knowing your implementation plan is custom-built for you.

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