Our Process. Your Success.

To get ahead in a digital marketplace, you need world-class solutions and the knowledge to use them.

Our team of engineers has years of field experience running data centers just like yours. They also maintain extensive advanced technical certifications.  All this training and field work means our engineers can design and implement solutions in highly complex environments.  We’re always ready to plan, install, and implement the solution we build together.

Our Process: 

1. Assessment

We get to know your environment first. We use comprehensive assessment tools to learn about your data center’s potential, performance, and pain points.

2. Solution Options

Using the information we gather from our assessments and from our conversations with your team, we identify the best Dell EMC solutions for your needs.

3. Design

Our engineers have a deep knowledge of IT solutions in complex environments, and they’ll collaborate with you to create a comprehensive solution.

4. Implementation

Davenport Group will work side-by-side with your team to guide you through the building and migration process.  We want you to know the ins and outs of your IT ecosystem, so we’ll provide you with extensive documentation and training.

5. Support

We promise to always get the right person with the right knowledge to you when you need it.  Our engineers will always deliver on the IT value we promise.

Our Services: 


Want to learn more before you commit? We’re happy to help.

Let us know what demonstration format works for you and we’ll be there. We can do online demonstrations, phone calls, in-person conversations, and proof of concept. With representatives across the country, we always have someone nearby and ready to go.

Solutions Overview and Quote Options

Our talented professionals have all the tools to design an infrastructure that meets your current and anticipated storage needs—from connectivity and capacity, to throughput and availability, to reliability requirements. We’ll collaborate with you on possible solutions, and we’ll present a detailed implementation plan to your team.

Installation and Knowledge Transfer

We promise to execute our implementation project plan with minimal disruptions to your environment. That means you can keep working on your core business while we improve your IT ecosystem.

All along the way, we deliver a process known as Smart Install – not simple classroom training, or a quick once-over. We promise not to leave until you ask us, and when we do, your team will have a thorough understanding of your new IT ecosystem.


We promise to be deeply involved in any issue that occurs in your environment.  If something comes up with hardware or software sold through Davenport Group, we’ll help troubleshoot the issue and ensure that appropriate resources from the manufacturer are involved until the everything is up and running again.  We promise to be there day or night, weekday or weekend, to make sure your IT environment runs as promised.