Data Protection Solutions

Data Backup and Protection Solutions

Your data needs to stay safe through the unpredictable ups and downs of our modern world. With the comprehensive Dell EMC Data Protection Suite, we’ve got you and your data covered through it all.

Data Domain, Dell EMC’s leading protection storage, gives you scalable, reliable, and cloud-enabled protection. With this solution, your data stays highly available no matter what comes your way. Data Domain brings you peace of mind through efficient and powerful backup, archive, and disaster recovery.

Metro-Clustering Solutions

With Metro-Clustering, you take your current virtualized clustered environment and split it equally between two sites.  A high speed low latency link between the two sites and duplicate equipment are required, but you gain the ability to failover your environment from one location to the other with little to no downtime to your user community.  This takes the risk out of doing upgrades and configuration changes at an individual site.  You also decrease outages from unexpected environmental events such as ceilings that leak, A/C units that quit cooling, or UPS units that fail.

Replication Solutions

Davenport Group can walk you through the many replication solutions out on the market and help you understand the best one for your environment.  Here are a few of your options:

  1. Array based replication solutions are very simple to use and easy to implement, but they require two arrays to function.
  2. Third party virtualization replication solutions are a little more complicated. You can use two different types of arrays at each site.
  3. Cloud based replication solutions allow you to replicate your virtualized environment to the public cloud.